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Heading inside for CrossFit


The cold weather’s coming whether we like it or not, and the river region’s fun sports and gorgeous hikes are gonna have to go on the back burner for now. So what’s the plan? How are you going to keep yourself fit enough to hit the trails and river like you mean it come spring?

Answer: CrossFit

Along with the Paleo diet, CrossFit is the lifestyle buzzword of the year. Used for strength and conditioning by many police academies, tactical operations teams, military, martial artists and hundreds of elite professional athletes, Crossfit is an all-round, non-specializing and hardcore path to general fitness.

Whether you’re a grandparent who has never worked out, or an elite mountainbiker, the day’s circuit is the same for everyone – the only variable is how intensely you are able to do it. CrossFit programs are inclusive and general. This is based on the idea that in nature, being a generalist is rewarded over being a specialist – you’re more likely than a specialist to survive in combat, many sports, and life if you have a high level of overall fitness and your body’s flexible and adapts easily.

The workouts may be the same for everyone, but you personalize them – they are scalable by load and intensity, according to your fitness level and abilities. So anyone who’s committed to their fitness, regardless of where they start, can find their best fitness through CrossFit.

My goal isn’t just to tone up, I need to loose a bit of weight, so I’m pairing up my workout and low carb diet with a pre-workout metabolism booster Capsiplex Sport, to boost my energy and hopefully get faster results.

What Happens in a CrossFit Class?

If you’re new to CrossFit, you should sign up for a fundamentals class, where you’ll get an intro to the gym, and go through the basic philosophy of CrossFit – ie that the movements are functional, vary constantly, and are done at a high intensity.

A regular class is set up as a circuit with stations that change daily – from the simple: boxes to jump on, kettlebells, bars and balls to throw around, row or curl, rowing machines, to the sublime: battle ropes and tractor tires.

A clock on the wall counts down 60 second intervals, after which you switch to the next station. You keep up that intensity for 12 minutes, then you’re done.

The atmosphere is intense too, with lots of shouting and cheering, and at the end of it all you tally up your scores as a group to add an element of competitiveness that’s designed to push you to achieve your goals.

You really can’t get a faster, more intense workout, and along with the competitive camaraderie and support this is what keeps CrossFitters coming back day after day.

If you think Crossfit just might be your thing this winter, check out Newcov CrossFit in Newport. They have a free Saturday at noon class for newbies (with babysitting!), or if Downtown ‘Nati’s your jam give Queen City CrossFit a try. They have a kick-ass culture and are open till 12.30 AM!

photo credit aberocreative @ pixabay.com



Local Donut Store Reopens


OTR’s sweetest seduction is back, just in time for your holiday party needs! Holtman’s Donuts in Over-the-Rhine had to close 10 days ago due to a small fire. Luckily the repairs didn’t take long, and Holtman’s Donuts’ doors were open for business this weekend.

“Woohoo! We are clear to open up tomorrow @ the OTR Shop!” the company tweeted on Thursday afternoon. “Thanks for all your kind wishes, thoughts, and prayers!”

Holtman’s Donuts have been a Cincinnati institution since 1960. Originally opened by Charles Holtman, their 3 locations in Loveland, Over the Rhine, and Williamsburg are still a family owned and run business.

Holtman’s Donuts is now owned by Charles’ daughter Toni and her husband Chuck, who run the Loveland & Williamsburg locations with the help of their daughters Lorrie and Becky. Their son Danny continued the family business, and alongside his fiancee Katie runs the Over the Rhine location.

Holtman’s Donuts are created from scratch using the highest quality ingredients, still committed to Charles’ traditional recipe. But Holtman’s is no shrinking violet when it comes to bold new flavours, and received Guy Fieri’s “Fist-Bump Of Approval” in 2014 after he tried their famed Maple Bacon!

Holtman’s Donuts entice customers from afar, as well as innocent passers by entranced by the fresh baked aroma that floats into the street. Their fresh and fluffy donuts are topped and filled with real ingredients.

From light and fluffy yeast donuts like the Red Velvet, Raspberry (filled with real raspberries, no bland jelly here!), S’mores, Blueberry, and the less “whole food” yet still fabulous Fruity Pebbles and sprinkles, to cake donuts in Coconut, Chocolate Bacon, Dunker Sticks, Glazed Twists and Bear Claws – you will find your bliss.

Seriously, if you haven’t been to Holtman’s Donuts, you’re missing out. Come early though, because there’s often a lineup when they open, and they regularly sell out!



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